Powering the Future: Our Takeaways from Progression 2024


Last week, POW teamed up with Progression in Park City, Utah, to host a pitch event focused on clean energy innovation. Progression’s mission is to uncover innovative startups that align with materially advancing a non-profit’s core purpose. This year, POW took the spotlight as the featured nonprofit, and the event brought together cutting-edge climate change solutions and investors interested in funding their work.

In collaboration with the Rocky Mountain Venture Capital Association (RMVCA), Progression scouted out the top startups, ultimately selecting six standout companies to present their game-changing ideas. Additionally, professional skier and POW Athlete Alliance member Amie Engerbretson delivered an inspiring keynote address, and an insightful panel discussion delved into the future of clean energy investing. The day was a whirlwind of innovation, inspiration, and impactful connections. Here are our top 5 takeaways coming out of the event.

POW Athlete Alliance member Amie Engerbretson giving the keynote speech at Progression 2024

Here are the top 5 takeaways from the event:

1. Collaboration is key to solving big problems. Progression 2024 demonstrated the importance of an ecosystem-driven approach to climate change. By coupling the efforts of climate startups, investors, and nonprofits, we can achieve unparalleled impact through unified, collective action.

2. Founders are tackling the climate crisis in innovative ways across industries.
The six companies that presented showcased ideas and solutions in wildfire mitigation, microplastics, electric vehicles, batteries, nuclear energy, and home electrification. The climate crisis is complex and their multifaceted approach highlights their commitment to tackling every dimension of this global challenge.

3. “Be scared, but do it anyway.” In her keynote address, Amie Engerbretson drew connections between the fear in her pursuit of big mountain skiing and the trepidation felt by being an imperfect advocate. For founders, venturing into climate entrepreneurship can be daunting. Yet, these founders are doing it anyway because they are passionate about the mission and believe that their solutions can and will make a difference.

4. The future of clean energy investing is changing.
Panelists highlighted the emergence of innovative investment vehicles and a growing risk appetite are expanding the horizons of funding opportunities available to founders. Given the prolonged timeline and diverse funding needs inherent in climate solutions, this evolving financial environment holds promise for founders to secure essential funding.

5. Technological and financial innovation is at the heart of solving the climate crisis. The transition to a clean energy future will require advances in technology and financial instruments to support its implementation. Events like Progression play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between investors and climate founders, fostering collaborations that are essential for driving transformative solutions on a global scale.

At POW, we believe that technical and financial solutions will be key drivers to a clean energy future. We were thrilled to be the featured nonprofit at this event to facilitate a forum for game-changing clean energy startups to connect with investors who also believe in the cause. We also wanted to extend a big shoutout to our Alliance Member, Amie Engerbretson, for her continuous support and inspiration.

Partnerships like Progression and RMVCA help amplify our mission, allowing us to reach new audiences and strengthen our movement. These collaborations are pivotal in propelling innovative solutions and fostering a sustainable future​.