Dear Governor Hickenlooper

Colorado POW Riders Alliance Members Call on Governor Hickenlooper to Act on Climate


Last year, Governor Hickenlooper drafted an executive order to curb carbon emissions from power plants up to 35% by 2030, addressing climate change. Then, in January, parts of the plan got leaked to oil and gas companies, and they gave our governor a hard time, so he backed down. The executive order never went through. We don’t think that’s cool. We need leaders who will fight for progressive climate policy.


As the federal government backs down on every climate protection we have, we need our states to stand up and lead. Colorado has the opportunity to curb carbon emissions from power plants regardless of President Trump killing the Clean Power Plan. Governor Hickenlooper has two years left in his term as governor; what legacy will he leave for Colorado?


Join our riders and ask Governor Hickenlooper to #ActOnClimate


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