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To achieve our goals, POW relies on the generous support of individuals, corporate partners, resorts and foundations who share our vision. POW is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization. As such, we actively pursue grants and corporate contributions to help fund our educational, activism and advocacy programs.

We run lean and re-invest 80 percent of the funds we raise back into our programs and advocacy efforts. Every contribution to POW is tax deductible under U.S. tax code.

There are numerous ways to partner with us. For a partnership package, please email: [email protected].

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Outdoor State Supporter

As a local outdoor business– whether a gear shop, climbing gym, outfitter, or otherwise– you know your local outdoor community better than anyone. That’s why your customers come to you––for the best outdoor experiences and the best outdoor advice. Your influence is far-reaching and deeply rooted in your communities and local outdoor playgrounds.

By partnering with POW and helping to further unite the Outdoor State to take action, we’ll provide you with the support, tools and resources to have this conversation with your community, host meaningful events, and inspire emotional engagement with your brand.


In business, CEOs of outdoor companies have a unique position of authority to speak on climate as their business models depend on reliable seasons. They have both massive reach through their consumer platforms, and increased access and credibility with decision makers concerned with jobs and the economy. POW recruits and supports activist CEOs within the outdoor industry and helps them find the most effective way to act. We find opportunities for CEOs and senior executives to speak out on clean energy policy in their communities, help craft messaging, meet with regulators and elected officials and develop education and engagement programs for their staff.


Through a partnership with POW, we’ll give you the tools and opportunities to take meaningful action against climate change. In doing so, we’ll also help you engage your guests and build an emotional connection with the core of the snow sports culture who truly care about climate change and who are deeply loyal to the brands actively addressing it.

Most importantly, you’ll become an integral part of solving the most pressing issue of our time––climate change— and protecting your business for the long term.

Interested in how climate change is impacting resorts, now and in the future? Check out our 2018 economic report.

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