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POW helps passionate outdoor people protect the places and lifestyles they love from climate change. We are a community of athletes, scientists, creatives, and business leaders advancing non-partisan policies that protect our world today and for future generations.

Protect your Powder Stash

Wherever you shred, extreme weather and warming winters are shortening your season.

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Save your Local Crag

Fossil fuel development on our public lands means access to your favorite crags is dwindling.

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Keep your Runner’s High

Doesn’t matter if you’re an ultramarathoner or a casual trail runner, longer and more intense wildfire seasons impact the ground and air where you love to run.

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Sign up today and join a community of passionate outdoor people in saving the places we love from climate change.

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Imperfect Advocacy

Instead of chasing perfection, pursue progress. The outdoor community has the passion, the information and the resources to make a difference now.

Turn Your Passion into Action

When we create swells of popular pressure, we can affect policy. And it’s working—the sum of our small efforts are creating climate victories where they’re needed most.

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2020 Annual Report

2020 was quite the year, eh? It was a bumpy road for us all, but there were also many wins worth celebrating along the way. Our CrushIt4Climate campaign with Strava drew in 434,800 people who crushed it for their outdoor playgrounds. When the pandemic locked us down, we held virtual events where high profile athletes and members of the outdoor members engaged with climate scientists and policymakers. And when the rubber met the road during the most contentious election in our lifetime, POW reached over 33 million potential voters with our civic engagement and GOTV messaging. We checked off some big goals in 2020.


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The impacts of climate change are hitting the U.S. winter sports tourism industry particularly hard.

This report examines the ways in which warming winters are impacting the economic contributions of winter snowsports tourism to U.S. national and state-level economies.

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In 2019, we embarked on a national consumer research project to fully understand how to increase the number and intensity of climate advocates by thoroughly understanding the motivations of outdoor enthusiasts, and how they can be convinced to do something that we now know is very hard for them to do: fully engage as advocates for policy changes that will alleviate the worst effects of climate change.

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Cost of Carbon Tool

 We don’t believe that having a carbon footprint should ever preclude you from becoming a climate advocate.

Instead of chasing perfection, pursue progress by offsetting the carbon footprint of your adventures and learn the value of advocating for the outdoor places and experiences that you love.

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The POW Dispatch: Our take on climate news, April 9, 2021

The POW Dispatch: Our take on climate news, April 9, 2021

 WORDS: DONNY O'NEILL | HEADER IMAGE: ADAM CLARK Welcome to The Dispatch, Protect Our Winters' weekly wrap-up of climate news, complete with our take on each topic and how that impacts our ongoing efforts to reduce the...

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Happy Tuesday everyone! Here's a few things we're stoked on this week 👇🏾⁠

🔹 It's Earth Week! 🌎 Thanks for tagging us in all your posts showcasing how you're focusing on climate this week, keep 'em coming!⁠

🔹 The upcoming Earth Day Climate Summit hosted by the Biden Admin, and the fact that the US and China (the planet's two largest emitters) have agreed to cooperate on tackling the climate crisis. This is what climate leadership is all about. 👏🏼⁠

🔹 Our virtual premiere of the new @patagonia film Drop happening on Earth Day! There's still room to RSVP for the second screening kicking off at 7:45 pm MST - and make sure to stick around for the Q&A after featuring @outsidehilary, @liamogallagher, @davemccoyewa & more! Head to our link in bio to sign up now. ⁠

📸: @miahwatt

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To our #OutdoorState who got out last month to #CrushIt4Climate, we salute you.🤙🏼 As Spring emerges and we continue to find ourselves outside soaking up the season, we’re inviting to you keep crushing it with us!⁠

We added 30,000 new climate advocates in March, and we’ve got another challenge on deck to keep the momentum alive. Our next goal is to raise $30,000 in donations - one buck per person. And to kick it up a notch, if each person who crushed it last month donates just one dollar, we’ll hit our goal and receive a dollar for dollar match from an anonymous donor - doubling the effort! 🙌🏽⁠

All of the work we do here at POW wouldn’t be possible without the support of the Outdoor State, and rest assured that your donation helps us continue to provide climate solutions, work with climate champions and continue to fight to protect our outdoor playgrounds. Head to our link in bio to donate today!

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On Friday, we shared a @newsweek opinion piece by @aspensnowceo in our POW Dispatch speaking to the @aspensnowmass state of the art methane-to-electricity plant for the Elk Creek Mine. As Mike describes, "it creates as much energy annually as we use throughout our four ski resorts, including hotels and restaurants. It also generates over $100,000 each month by selling electricity and carbon credits to our local utility company. Most importantly, it eliminates the equivalent of three times the carbon pollution created by the resort each year."⁠

In the Dispatch, we dive into how reducing greenhouse gas emissions can actually be good for business, while also ensuring ensure that economic drivers, like skiing, can continue to support local communities in the future. Head to our link in bio to read more. ⁠

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What's the one key element that connects us all? Water. ⁠💧

This Earth Day, join POW for a special world premiere screening of the new @patagonia film Drop! It follows POW Alliance Member and fly-fishing guide @outsidehilary as she traces a drop of water from its original source high in the mountains of Montana, to its final destination of the Pacific Ocean. Along the way she'll meet with new and familiar faces who live, work and play on the water, and are fighting daily to ensure it stays healthy & viable for our planet.⁠

Head to our link in bio to RSVP & join us April 22 at 6:30 PM MST for the virtual premiere where Hilary will also be joining us to discuss the film, her life as a guide and the climate impacts she's personally seen on the rivers she calls home.

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"A healthy snowpack is crucial to good ski conditions, that’s obvious, right? A deep snowpack allows us to extend our ski seasons past resort closures into the late spring and summer in good years. But it also supports our ability to dive into all the other seasonal activities we love. When the snow melts, it rushes down mountainsides and allows us to fish on the rivers, enjoy trails that aren’t dry and dusty or access forests that aren’t ravaged by wildfires."⁠

Yesterday we shared in our weekly Dispatch that according to a study by the University of Colorado, Colorado's snowpack has declined by about 11% - while earlier winter snow runoff is three times as widespread. This not only intensifies drought conditions, but dries up water resources for western US-based populations that depend on it. If you're looking for evidence of our seasons changing, the proof is in the puddi...'er powder (or lack thereof). ⁠

Head to our link in bio to catch up on this and more climate headlines from the week. ⁠

📸: @oneill_dm

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